Trouble and Anguish

Problems and issues will come and go, but the Word of the Lord remains constant and forever.  Today, tomorrow, and yesterday's problems will come and go, but the Lord is eternal.

We may have problems at work, with relationships or finances, or the world in general.  Especially right now, violence and racism are again at the head of our news and daily headlines in the United States.

However as the teachings of the Apostles have shown, not to mention the countless examples of impoverished Saints thereafter, happiness is still and always will be attainable within God, and in service to Him, and in Faith to Him, and in practicing repentance for our sins.

Perhaps the strength of our devotion can be measured not by simply our service to Him, but precisely by one's willingness to serve Him in the hardest and darkest of times, when it seems like all hope is lost and answers are hard to come by.

It is through these tough times that we need to go the Word of God and Jesus more than ever, for with Faith in Jesus and living by His command in everyone's heart and soul, we can find true salvation through Christ.

Take care, friends, and keep your hearts and eyes on Him.