The Jesus Movement

Compositions for Our Savior

"The Jesus Movement" Author ~ Aaron Harrington

A Christian and follower of Jesus, his Lord and Savior, member of Faith Cathedral and their Live-Stream Team, Aaron is a Hospital Services Supervisor by trade, and also spent 12 years as a Restaurant and Bar Manager. 

He created this site out of his love for Jesus and spreading His Word to anyone who wants to take the time to read and listen, and apply His Commands to their life as he did. 

He has studied the Word of God, along with secular, alternative, and ancient religions for over 15 years.  Possessing a breadth of knowledge spanning across multiple religions, time eras, cultures, and astrology, he has come back to writing and sharing his knowledge of all, how it connects, and the possible dangers therein, since being saved in 2017.

Author Aaron Harrington on the left, pictured with his beautiful wife, DesLauries Harrington